Board of members of Mahatma Gandhi Seva Ashram.

Shri. S. N. Subbarao Ji

Shri. P. V. Rajgopal
(Vice Chairman)

Shri. Maniram Gupta

Shri. Guljari Lal
(Committee Member)

Shri. Mahesh Datta Mishra
(Committee Member)

Shri. Matadeen Joshi
(Committee Member)

Shri. Satyabhan Chauhan
(Committee Member)

Shri. Shraddha Kashyap
(Committee Member)

Smt. Parvati Bai
(Committee Member)

Smt. Sabo Bai
(Committee Member)

Shri. Ransingh Parmar

MGSA has a team of about 550 activists who are trained in social activism; 47 coordinators who are skilled in campaigning & advocacy; 11 programme coordinators who are skilled in project management; 12 accountant/ finance officers who keeps account updated. And finally a well experienced ‘General Body’ which gives vision & mission for all MGSA activities.

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