MGSA has got very significant results concerning its work in the recent past. Some of the key achievements are listed as follows:

  • Redistribution of land to the landless people: MGSA was part of ‘Task Force’ constituted after land rights foot march (1999-2000); which resulted in land redistribution among 383,000 landless people all across Madhya Pradesh.
  • Cases Registered under Tribal Land Alienation Act: The efforts of Task Force also get success for restoring the land of tribal people, when about 8700 cases were resolved in the favor of tribal people.
  • Withdrawal of Forest Offences: The same Task Force also facilitates the dialogue between Forest Department and the community and about 558,000 cases taken back by the responsible departments.
  • Public Interest Litigation against land grabbing: MGSA was petitioner against powerful lobby who were responsible for taking large chunk of land in Chambal Valley, but after intervention in Gwalior High Court about 83000 acres of land restored in favor of tribal community.
  • Forest Rights Claims: MGSA has made an extensive campaign for institutionalizing the process of Forest Rights Act for the tribal claimants; till March 2010, about 11000 families get their land rights.
  • Livelihood Programme: MGSA has its own economic programme center which gives directly employment to the 1000 family in Honey Hunting / Bee Keeping, 1000 family in Weaving / Khadi unit, about 2000 family in Herbal Collection and about 400 family in Organic Agriculture in Chambal Valley.
Sectors Achievements
Formation of Community Collectives MGSA has set up more then 5000 community collectives all across Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Orissa, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and in Utter Pradesh.
Each and every CBOs has actively engaged in local resource building process called Grain Bank and Village Fund and contribute large sum of 25% of the total operational funds of the organization.
Each CBOs has exclusively worked for the socio-economic and political up-liftment of the marginalized community i.e. dalit and adivasi.
Land Rights Campaigning MGSA has organized 22 foot marches, 38 public hearings and more then 200 people’s consultation mainly focused for raining the issues of land rights.
MGSA has also successfully contributed towards organizing a long foot march of 25000 community leaders (called Janadesh 2007 march, from Gwalior to Delhi) for raising the issues of land reforms and announcement of Forest Rights Act in India.
MGSA has very actively involved in training of Campaign Planning and Operations for the large sum of social activists in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Orissa, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and in Utter Pradesh.
Advocacy and Dialogue MGSA also got success to pressurize the Government of India for set up of National Land Reforms Commission now announcing a National Land Reforms Policy (2009).
MGSA constantly engaged in advocacy for taking the issues of pros and cons of forest rights act implementation and facilitate dialogue with opinion makers in Madhya Pradesh and in Chhattisgarh (2008-09).
MGSA functionaries are appointed as a member in FRA Implementation Committee in Madhya Pradesh (2009).
Alliance building MGSA has initiated many steps for building alliance in Madhya Pradesh and in Chhattisgarh; where more than 56 organizations are linked successfully.
MGSA also engaged in federating more than 5000 CBOs in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Orissa, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.
MGSA get success to organize and play active role in shaping ‘National Campaign Committee on Land’.
Action research  MGSA has conducted and published many action research on land rights, forest rights act and land alienation cases from Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Orissa, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Utter Pradesh.
MGSA also engaged in conducting fact finding research on land policy matters.
MGSA has published 2 booklets on ‘Success Story of Land Rights Campaign’ based on stories from CBOs.
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